Dating couple gossiped about crossword

Christine Barford and briefly Joyce Gibbs), is the younger sister of Phil.A skilled horsewoman, she ran the local riding stables for many years.She is busily involved in village life and supports her children by taking on child-minding duties.Jill is an active member of the Women's Institute, opened up a holiday cottage business, and is teaching her grandson, Josh, how to keep bees.Dr Bo Yao, of the University of Manchester, said: "Intuitively, it is not surprising we are more likely to gossip about familiar people and interesting stories.

I am glad to report that after a period of intense reflection, I now have a very much stronger and much more honest relationship with my husband than I could ever have hoped for.

However, I would fundamentally question the use of the word ‘gossip’ by the scientists.

Surely this was simply a question of people sharing relevant information in order to expose selfish behaviour, when gossip has much wider connotations involving the spread of unnecessary detail and rumour, often exaggerated or even untrue.

After 10 years of marriage and three children, I embarked on an affair with a work colleague.

Both in our late 30s, we were two lost souls who sought comfort and companionship during our time together.


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